Why Do Car Seats Expire – 4 Things You Must Know

We are never surprised if our dairy products, vegetables or even our license expires. But get a room of parents together and ask them when their child’s car seat expires, and you are sure to get some weird looks! When we asked some of the parents we knew, the answers we got were actually questions. “Why do car seats expire??” and “When did car seats start expiring?” One quick … [Read more...]

How Much Milk Should I Be Pumping? Our Shocking Answer

There are so many questions that cause a new mother to worry. Of all these worries, breast feeding and milk pumping are the two of the greatest causes of stress. Mothers are always paranoid and asking questions like "How much milk should I be pumping?" and "Is my baby getting enough milk?" They tend to compare their milk production after pumping with other friends, what they … [Read more...]

Why Does My Baby Cry in Her Sleep?

Taking care of a baby is one of the most challenging tasks a parent can have. Especially if you are a new parent. You may be clueless to what the baby wants at any given time. One of the most puzzling in this task called parenting is when your baby cries. We know that if they cry, it doesn’t always mean that they are hungry. Your baby can cry at any time of the day. Even during … [Read more...]

How to Make A Carseat Canopy – The DIY Solution

Are you worried or frightened when it comes time to take your little one different places? How do you handle taking your infant outside with you, particularly when there is bad weather? Does your little one get frustrated when you put a blanket or piece of fabric over his or her face? You are not alone. Do not be stressed out when you start thinking what to do to protect your … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Choosing the Best Formula For Breastfed Babies

If you are here, you are more than likely looking for the best formula for breastfed babies. Previously we wrote about breast milk and how formula compared. It should be no surprise that we deemed there was no comparison. Breast milk is nature’s best resource for growing infants and babies. It is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients that a baby needs to ensure proper … [Read more...]